Someone Clocked How Little Screen Time Taylor Swift Got During Chiefs-Ravens Game

Breaking news: despite what it may seem on social media, Taylor Swift was barely on camera during Sunday’s AFC Championship game.

A self-described football and marketing analyst by the name of Jason Pauley took an official measurement of Swift’s camera time during the Chiefs-Ravens matchup — meaning, he pulled out his handy stopwatch — to see whether CBS spent way too much time focused on the pop star and not the actual game.

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Turns out the network devoted a mere 44 seconds to Swift, who seemed annoyed even when the camera did cut to her. During one moment, as the network promoted the Grammys, the camera cut over to Swift who mouthed, “Go away, please!”

Anyway, that means the remaining 99.61 percent of the more than three-hour telecast was devoted to actual football, save a few fleeting moments when the cameramen focused on dolphins and jelly fish at a local aquarium (24 seconds) and offered up a four-second shot of Ravens Coach John Harbaugh’s dad.

Bottom line: Swift took up all of .39 percent of the total telecast — to which Swifties would likely say, BOO!

Still, the quick shots of Swift went predictably viral, as did the after-game shots of the two smooching on the field. Hey, if David Letterman likes it, why can’t you?

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