Someone in Alberta rode a Zamboni to a Tim Hortons drive-thru

A Instagram user says he spotted this zamboni at a drive-thru in Stony Plain, Alta. Photo from Instagram/aim4apex
A Instagram user says he spotted this zamboni at a drive-thru in Stony Plain, Alta. Photo from Instagram/aim4apex

Canada’s had a week of rough winter weather, but slippery roads aren’t a problem if you’ve got a Zamboni on hand for your Timmie’s run.

Someone in need of a caffeine fix pulled their Zamboni into the drive-thru lane of a Tim Hortons in Stony Plain, Alta., Tuesday, according to a photo posted on Instagram Wednesday by user aim4apex.

“This was probably the most Canadian thing I’ve ever seen in my 26 years of life,” the user wrote on the post.

The image was also shared on Reddit by user HeIIToupee.

“This picture was taken in Stony Plain yesterday by my friend who described it as quite possibly ‘the most Canadian thing I’ve ever seen in my life,'” HeIIToupee wrote. “I think I will use it to describe Canada to my international friends.”

James Callaghan, who originally posted the photo, told Yahoo Canada News he has no idea where the Zamboni came from — he’s from Calgary and was in Stony Plain working for the day.

“I was just driving by and happened to look over and spot it,” Callaghan said. “I thought it was a promotion or something at first but I didn’t see any media or anything else around and he just went through [the drive-thru] and took off.”

zamboni king
zamboni king

A few other users on the post shared their own examples of stereotypical Canadiana at Tim Horton’s locations.

“It happens more often than you think…,” said kent_eh, with a photo followed by a comment about how the machine in question was an Olympia, not a Zamboni.

“In the summer I saw this at a Timmy’s in Tweed, Ontario,” said BulletEponge, whose photo of a John Deere tractor in a Tim Horton’s parking lot proves that a coffee run can be a year-round emergency.

Callaghan says he’s not that surprised the photo has become popular. “I knew people would like it, especially with the Tim Hortons sign specifically in the photo,” he said.

But a few posters on Reddit complained about both Zambonis and Tim Hortons serving as shorthand for Canadian national identity, though one poster conceded that the photo did make the point pretty effectively.

“Corny Canadiana posts about Tim Hortons and Zambonis in this subreddit just make me groan,” fricken said. “But if you’ve got both of them together in one pic, I guess I gotta let it slide.”

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