This fast-food chain, which has been in Wichita only two years, has closed

UPDATE: On Wednesday evening, I heard from a spokesperson with Fat Brands, who confirmed that the restaurant has closed for good.

Something is going on with Wichita’s Fatburger & Buffalo’s Express restaurant at 2556 N. Greenwich Road.

The restaurant has been shuttered for about a week, confirm its neighbors, and its address is no longer listed on the company’s website. Additionally, its Facebook page has been deactivated, local food delivery services are no longer listing the restaurant as an option, and its phone number goes to a generic recording.

Meanwhile, at the restaurant itself, chairs are stacked on tables inside, and the patio furniture is still outside, though it’s chained up. There’s no sign on the door indicating what’s happening.

Wichita’s first (and only) Fatburger & Buffalo’s Express restaurant opened in July of 2022, but it’s tucked back in the corner of a strip center at K-96 and Greenwich that no one would likely pass by or notice unless they were visiting Academy Sports.

Local franchisees of the California-based chain originally said they hoped to open up to three restaurants in Wichita by this year, but no more ever materialized.

I’ll let you know if I hear anything official.

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