Sony’s budget Bluetooth headphones got even cheaper today

The Sony WHCH720N noise-canceling headphones on a desk.

Presently, Sony is known for making the best headphones on the market — the incredible noise-canceling WH-1000XM5 — but they also make a budget pair of headphones with noise-cancelation and a similar look. Those headphones, the Sony WHCH720N, are on sale today for just $100. That’s $50 off of their standard $150 price point. To get yours, all you need to do is tap the button below. Otherwise, keep reading to see our take on these headphones, what they’re capable of, and who they’re for.


Why you should buy the Sony WHCH720N

For audio, the Sony WHCH720N boost quality with their internal processor to reproduce full details. By design, tunes should be balanced from the high to the low frequency ranges fairly evenly, so nothing comes across as too bass heavy or too tinny, and vocals are made to come through clearly. The noise cancelation comes first from the earcups, which have thick, egg-shaped pads. (There are also 20 levels of settings for how much ambient sound to let in, should it feel awkward to live in a muffled environment due to the pads.) Then, the rest comes from quality noise cancelation that, while not Sony’s finest, should serve you just fine. If you intend to listen to music with these headphones with the noise cancelation engaged, which is not an unusual thing to do while wearing headphones, you’ll likely be satisfied.

So, who then, are the Sony WHCH720N for? If you want some noise-cancellation to get the edge off of a busy location but aren’t bothered by signs of humanity, you might favor these headphones for their great price, 35 hour battery life, and good sound quality. While these aren’t going to make the best noise-canceling headphones list, they pull a good mid-tier spot for those that aren’t too finicky. Again, the combination of the noise cancellation provided and listening to music together should block most things out. At the given price, they are great value headphones and can be thought of as an introduction to the WH-1000XM5 or whatever the next gen of Sony ANC headphones will be when you get tired of them.

To get your pair of the Sony WHCH720N for $50, just tap the button below. You’ll see the Sony WHCH720N priced for $100 instead of $150. Should these headphones not work for you, consider checking out excellent headphones deals, which include earbuds as well.