Sound Off for April 18, 2024

Middle East

President Joe Biden said “don’t” to Iran. It did. He said “don’t” to Isreal. It will. Biden is weak and has no credibility. His weakness emboldens Iran, which smells weakness. If the war in the Middle East escalates, it is Biden’s fault.

A liar

How can anyone vote for a lying Joe Biden? He can’t help it. He a habitual liar; always has been, always will be. Weak leadership is taking our country down the wrong path that will lead us into war.

A scourge

Donald Trump has shown himself to be an amoral hedonist and narcissistic sociopath. He is followed by a cultist base who lack factual information, or are too stubborn to change course.


The unequal treatment of Blacks visiting our Coast this weekend reminded everyone that racism is alive and well. You can’t tell me that this event, that lasted only two days, had to be so heavily monitored. History has shown that Blacks are not more violent than whites. There are more incidents of mass shootings committed by white kids. We live in constant fear of violence against our kids, especially Black males. So stop clutching your pearls and acting all new. We see you.


$146 billion so far in student loan handouts or forgiveness, whichever you choose. Every single American should receive a check for paying this. It’s stealing.


If pro-Palestinian protesters (or climate change protesters, for tha matter) are professing strong anti-American propaganda and disrupting normal folks lives, why do they think they are converting people to their ideology? We will hopefully reject their actions and stand up for the principles of the free United States.

On ‘Crooked’

I’m not sure if the Sound Off editor included the “Crooked” Sound Off to ridicule the author or just to stir the pot, but the end result is both were realized, whether intentionally or not.

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