Sound Off for April 19, 2024

Social Security

Instead of canceling student loan debt, the president and Congress need to stop the taxation of Social Security benefits. A bill has been introduced by a Congresswoman from Minnesota to stop taxing Social Security. Will Congressman Ezell support that bill?

Just words

Exactly in what way is President Biden a crooked and evil-doing dictator? That’s a pretty harsh statement with absolutely no facts to back it up.

Can of worms

If Donald Trump can be elected even if he’s a convicted felon, then all elections will be open to felons. Kind of like preachers.

Under the radar

As is typical with the far right, they settle out of court to avoid the public scrutiny. Smartmatic, an election machine provider has successfully sued the far right network, One America News Network for defamation. Smartmatic won its lawsuit claiming OAN spread lies about their machines changing Donald Trump votes to Joe Biden votes in 2020 and other total lies. The amount of the settlement was not disclosed to protect the network. Sound familiar? This is similar to FOX News paying millions to Dominion for same reason. Check it yourself if interested in the truth.


Cut NPR’s funding. It’s like listening to The View. So one-sided.

Student loans

Student loan forgiveness is nothing more than vote-buying. If the impetus is truly to save people from predatory loans, then let the government refinance them at a lower interest rate. And by the way, loans are not forgiven, they will be paid for by those that did not take them out, or benefit from them.

New amphitheater

It was a surprise to read about the new outdoor music venue in Gautier. While The Sound Amphitheater isn’t the Carter Barron Amphitheater in DC, it sure is a great step forward for the Coast. Depending on the performers, I might just want to dig into the wallet to visit. I heard it through the grapevine that feel-good Motown would be a success. It was also nice in the story that the author gave a well-defined description as to where this venue is located. Many stories just assume the reader is already familiar with where a particular event is located.

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