Sound Off for June 11, 2024

The economy

Passed by the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor today after lunch and dozens of multi-million dollar boats were getting ready for a fishing tournament. I also heard a report on television that folks are paying $400-$800 for concert tickets. Grocery stores, big-box stores and garden centers are packed. Yet we hear reports every day on the news that people are living paycheck to paycheck. What the heck is going on?

Well done

The grand jury that indicted Donald Trump was made up of 23 diverse citizens of Manhattan. After months of investigating Trump’s hush money payments, they indicted him on 34 counts. A trial jury of 12 Manhattan citizens unanimously found Trump guilty of all counts. Sen. Roger Wicker and others claim Trump’s conviction was a perversion of our judicial system. They’re wrong. It was actually one of the finest hours for the rule of law.

A disaster

Building a Chick-Fil-A so close to Rouses will be a disaster. What’s left of my waistline will quickly disappear once it is open. Rouses steamed and seasoned shrimp and Chick-Fil-A’s superb chicken sandwiches available so close to home is a temptation just too hard to resist.

Trump monument

Speaking of convicted felons and criminals, that’s exactly what George Floyd was. They are building monuments to him, though. Where’s Donald Trump’s monument?


President Biden is smart about Donald Trump. Trump will do or say anything to help him into the presidency instead of jail. He doesn’t have much choice, because he put himself into this situation and he is relying on his radical supporters to push him to victory.

Keep our money here

The president did the right thing attending the D-Day memorial, but he remains an embarrassing president. Sending arms and equipment to Ukraine? OK. Sending money? No. Take care of domestic issues which are harming Americans.


The real irony is today’s so-called “country music” is just pop music. We’ve evolved from cowboy ballads and twangy somebody-done-somebody-wrong songs to outlaw country to pop music with a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and circus costumes without pants.

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