Sound Off for June 8, 2024


What exactly has Donald Trump lied about? Please educate me. I’m eager to learn. Our present president has lied on numerous occasions, proven by multiple sources and fact-checkers. Many people can’t stand the truth. If your financial situation is better than 3+ years ago, you must be working for the DOJ or in the Biden administration. Oil production, or the lack of, has an immediate impact on the prices of all goods. You want an EV automobile, go for it, but don’t try to go too far.


I want to say that we are very fortunate to have the high quality of law enforcement that serves us. From Gulfport PD, Harrison County Sheriff’s Office and the Mississippi Highway Patrol. Any interaction I have had with them has been professional and polite. Needless to say, I treat them the same way. It’s worth mentioning, neither my family or I have ever been employed it this field. Thanks y’all for what you do for us.

He’s guilty

Donald Trump was convicted. Stick to that instead of jumping to bashing President Biden. Defending someone by saying others do it, too, is a weak defense. Hillary Clinton lost the election due to accusations that were never proven. She was never indicted or found guilty. Yet Trump is now a convicted felon. Stick with that and make your comments. And Hunter Biden is not comparable.

Always something

The election was stolen, the trial was a conspiracy, paying hush money to a hooker is not a crime, everyone makes fraudulent tax claims, the jurors are ugly, the election was fake, all news not favorable is fake, and on and on. Oh yes, President Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama are corrupt.


Faith-based groups that help homeless immigrants are being targeted. Are we rejecting Christianity, because that’s exactly what Jesus advocated; helping the poor and outcast.


With high-profile legal cases and with social media and 24/7 news, how can you select a jury of your peers? If potential jurors are not informed or so isolated, how can they declare they have no opinions and be honest and unbiased with understanding the complications of the issues and the law, if uninformed. The laws are so now complicated and confusing, the only people making real money are the lawyers.


If you’re looking for examples of political “weaponization” of the judicial system, forget about Donald Trump. Look no further than the prosecution of Hunter Biden.

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