Sound Off for March 23, 2024

Biden’s fault

Gen. Milley and Gen. McKenzie testified in Congress. Both blamed the Biden administration for the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, for not listening to the Pentagon and stupidity.

Signs of the times

Over a month ago, I sent the governor’s office a photograph of an old campaign sign at the corner of Kiln-DeLisle Road and Vic Faye Road. I sent a picture of the sign, too. The campaign sign is still standing there. The governor cares nothing about his litter or the Coast people.

Another use?

The Governor doesn’t want Medicaid expansion for two reasons: It has Obama’s name on it and it’s good politics for his knee jerk voters; and he wants the funds available so he can give it back to his rich buddies in the form of an income tax elimination. By the way, he still hasn’t said how the state will make up for the loss of the income tax that provides about 30% of its budget. And he claims to have a degree in economics.

Now that’s funny

Donald Trump wants to be called Honest Don? t’s too late, because he’s been dishonest for all his adult life and he’s in court because of all his dishonest ways.


Donald Trump’s lawyers are debating what constitutes rape. I thought it was lack of consent, not technique. What am I missing here?

Same old thing

Has anyone noticed that Republicans squash any Democratic idea before it can get off of the ground? They will tell you all of the mostly false reasons why the idea is a bad one. They are seldom willing to try anything new to give it a chance. Right now, Republicans have a campaign against electric cars. I can understand why oil companies do not want electric cars, because it will affect their record profits. I also can understand why our legislators do not want electric cars because they get their campaign money from oil companies. However, why are Republican Americans against electric cars? Electric cars are so much better for the environment, and not dependent on oil. In my opinion, Republicans against electric cars should save their energy to complain about basic rights that have been taken away from women’s own bodies. Now, that’s a fight worth fighting for.

Closer to home

I wish the people of Mississippi cared as much about state politics as they seem to care about federal politics.

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