Sound Off for March 30, 2024


The hiring and subsequent quick firing of conservative Ronna McDaniel by left-leaning NBC is clear proof that the liberal definition of “free speech” is that it is only free if you have liberal thought. Shameful.


To the person who submitted the Stop the Insanity item and the Sun Herald for putting it to print. The facts speak loudly and anyone with love of country and a brain should agree. Thank you.

Selling Bibles?

Trump is selling a Bible to help cover the cost of paying his legal fees for paying off a porn star. When asked if he ever asks for forgiveness, he has stated, “not really.” That’s not what the words in the Bible state. We have to ask for forgiveness. He states the Bible is his favorite book. Yet he can not tell you one scripture from the Bible. Another scheme of Donald J. Trump.


The government needs to regulate all insurance. There is no excuse for a policy to go from $3,100 to $7,500. Costs have not gone up that much. That creates almost an extra $650 a month on a mortgage. A real shock for people on a fixed income. Price gouging comes to mind.

A new low

Donald Trump is selling bibles for $60! This is obviously a fundraising ploy, since you can get bibles at any motel for free. I’m embarrassed for him.

How to win an election

The Democrats and Biden administration have found a new way to win elections: Take out the opponent. They are doing all they can to take out Donald Trump. The justice system is working to bankrupt him and put him in prison. This the way Vladimir Putin stays in power. It’s the way third-world leaders stay in power. When American citizens lose their freedom of speech and their values, America will become a third-world nation and unable to defend itself from foreign aggression. Once we lose our Republic, there is no going back without a revolution.

A pushover

Here’s a comparison. The Mexican president just told the Biden administration that unless his demands were met, the hordes of illegal immigrants assaulting our border would continue. He demands we send $20 billion per year to Latin American countries. President Biden has said nothing in response and is probably considering the idea. Donald Trump would tell him to go pound sand. They need us far more than we need them, and our border shouldn’t be a bargaining chip. This is another reason, if you still need one, not to vote Biden’s re-election. Biden has a noodle for a spine.

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