Sound Off for May 10, 2024


Donald Trump is known as a con man. He is now on trial for tricking voters by paying a person to keep quiet about his behavior because, if the truth were known, some people may have chosen not to vote for him. I don’t know if the voters were conned, but I do know they were duped.

Pick a side

The protests have nothing to do with Israel or Hamas. The simple fact is you either love America or you hate America. Dealer’s choice. If you hate her, why are you here? There is plenty of room in Gaza.

An idea

Please put me down for refusing to pay any money to students who support Hamas, demand Jewish students go back to where they came from, and chant “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.” Instead, let’s put money toward one-way plane tickets to the Mid-East paradises of Gaza, Iraq, Iran, et al. This way students will find ultimate pronoun happiness and multi-gendered freedom. The lady protesters will especially love this, once their sale/marriage is arranged, that is. It’s a win-win!

Classified docs case

Donald Trump gets big gift from the federal judge that he appointed. Florida Judge Cannon has given him another delay that will take his trial well beyond the November election. He continues to use his judicial appointments to undermine the rule of law through court delays. His goal is to delay all charges until after the election so he can pardon himself. This was arguably the most critical of cases because of National Security concerns with his loss of control over boxes of critical secret, and top secret documents at Mar-a-Lago, which if lost or exposed to our enemies could cause “grave damage” to the nation’s security. The value of any of these documents to our enemy cannot be calculated. As a prior military classified material control officer I can say any military member would have been jailed awaiting trial for espionage or treason and a trial already concluded.

Now you care

Lower-income neighborhoods have been taken over and overdeveloped for centuries. In my neighborhood we have dozens of low-income apartment buildings and RV parks with little regulations for upkeep. So now that that it has spilled over to higher-income neighborhoods, we are supposed to support you?

For the protesters

I would like for all the anti-Israel protesters to be, at the very least, sentenced to viewing the TV mini-series “Holocaust,” starring Meryl Streep and other fine actors. The mini-series is a realistic portal of the plight of European Jews under Nazi Germany during the Second World War. I would think viewing this enlightening series just might have the effect of greatly reducing the number of second-time arrestees.

Times are changing

“Make America Great Again “ is a threat to democracy. “Death to America“ seems to be just fine. Having a big ego is unacceptable but showering with your daughter and sniffing small children is totally fine.

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