Sound Off for May 11, 2024

Tax misinformation

Another one of the tax misinformation Sound Offs from the left “trickle down liabilities.” After the Trump tax breaks, a small percent of the top income earners were paying the overwhelming majority of the income taxes and the economy was great, especially for minorities. I am low-middle income and my taxes were reduced significantly, with that tax break. Also anyone who pays taxes knows that the only way to pay income taxes is through a Social Security number. If you are in the country illegally you do not have one. If you are in the country legally you can apply for a card to work legally in the country. So please spare me the constant misinformation about illegals paying income taxes. And as we have seen recently many illegals are getting better benefits than some of our citizens living on the streets or some veterans.

U.S. Capitol statues

I vote to replace statues of Jefferson Davis and Zachariah George at the U.S. Capitol with Elvis Presley and Jimmy Buffet

Child abuse

The child abuse cases in Sun Herald articles lately describing the suffering these babies experienced is beyond disturbing and heartbreaking. I pray the courts show no mercy whatsoever on anyone who abuses an innocent child.

Blaming Biden

With Joe Biden as president we have campuses, the border and the world on fire. War on two continents and weapons cut off to Israel to please our enemies. All for votes. I’m voting for Donald Trump.

Swim meet

Kudos to the wonderful Biloxi Natatorium staff and volunteers for planning and conducting a very successful 2024 Senior Games swim meet. Swimmers came from Mississippi and other states as far away as Washington and California.

More abuse

In the Williams/Elligson case, our hearts are crying out to know whether the 3 year old was also abused. It was not stated in the Friday morning article.

Bridge closures

Mechanical failures will increase as it operates more often than normal days. From a report on Oct. 27, 2020: As boats evacuate harbors ahead of tropical weather from Zeta, the Popp’s Ferry Bridge will be opening often. The Popp’s Ferry Bridge tender said he is opening the bridge about every 25 minutes for roughly 10 minutes at a time to let several boats through. As of 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, the tender said he had let more than 150 boats through.

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