Sound Off for May 18, 2024

Mute button

Someone needs to call General Electric and get them working on the biggest mute button in history, because it’s going to be needed for Donald Trump at the debates. It is guaranteed that he will be rude and interrupting.

Picture tells all

An article about the bombing of innocents displayed a picture of a child carrying her dog. I guess they knew many people who don’t care will sympathize with the dog.

You should worry

In response to “Thanks for nothing,” I have to disagree. I am actually surprised you said there are no dangers for women lurking in the bathroom. Do you not read the news? I worry every time my daughter or granddaughter enters a bathroom or locker room for their safety.


One presidential candidate keeps bringing up “paid protesters.” That’s something he actually knows something about, considering he’s the highest paid protester to ever to disgrace the world.


Donald Trump followers are wearing diapers to his rallies. Are they intentionally trying to look stupid? This really is a reality show.


You don’t need more money to secure the border, just restore former president Trump’s actions. Republicans who want to replace Speaker Michael Johnson are wrong to replace the only man who has brought both political parties together. This country needs to support Ukraine, Israel and the South Pacific region against Socialism. After Trump becomes president, he will secure the border the first day in office.

Be careful

Put Donald Trump in jail. Arrest him in the middle of the night and cuff him. Then sit back and watch him win by a landslide.

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