Sound Off for May 25, 2024

Say the words

It is time for newscasters to stop using “politically correct” terminology when speaking about what is causing the sharp increase in natural events such as heat waves, hurricanes, and tornadoes, which are causing enormous human and animal suffering from heat, floods, wildfires, winds, droughts, and diseases. It will be irresponsible at best and cowardly at worst for newscasters to continue speaking only of “climate change.” Change can be good or bad. The climate change that is producing the terrible aforementioned problems is global warming. Say so explicitly. Maybe that will help us face up to our global warming problem more directly and intelligently.

Tramway damage

So vandals are breaking the glass panels on the tramway. Who would have guessed that would happen? As with the boardwalk that was originally made of wood, decision makers don’t seem to be able to think beyond the end of the day.


Did I miss something? Did I hear Donald Trump say, we want and will testify? I’m trying to figure out how I missed what was asked during his under-oath testimony? Did he testify, or did he not? Did he keep his word this time? For all the talk about fake news, witch hunts, and President Biden being behind all this, why did Trump back down? He found the time to state his “truth” after court and on his rallies. Why can’t he keep his word, and testify to his truth? Instead of Trump calling everything a witch hunt, why don’t he call it “I’m scared to admit the truth under oath.” Are his lawyers afraid of him committing perjury? Are they afraid he will give information unintended, that he will help the prosecutors? One thing we know for sure. Trump lied about taking the witness stand. Nothing new.

I’ve heard it all

Right when I thought I’d heard all the hate, lies, and fear-mongering from Republicans, disgraced congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene verbally attacked a Democratic congresswoman over her eyelashes in open session on the House floor.

They all kiss the ring

Typical Republican hypocritical flipping. Nicki Haley calls Donald Trump unhinged and a chaos-creator and says” I feel no need to kiss the ring.” Trump calls her a “birdbrain.” So Haley is now kissing his ring and says she will now vote for him, and Trump says he has a place for her in the party. Neither have any character which appears more and more to be a mandate to survive as a Republican politician. I’m not a Democrat so no response necessary.

Biden’s car

Do as I say not as I do. I wonder how long it takes to charge Biden’s Corvette?


No one is complaining about something being taken from them. You miss the point with the blinders you have on or you just refuse to listen to both sides as many liberals do. The complaint is how our tax money is used. You pay your taxes and the rest is up to the government as to how they spend it.

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