Sound off for May 27, 2024

Do it, already

If Donald Trump believes Putin will release U.S. reporter Evan Gershkovich for him, why doesn’t Trump make it happen? What person wants to be the leader of the United States, and allow a man to suffer in a prison, if he can just call up Putin, and set Gershkovich free? Sometimes lies smell worse than feces.

Puerto Rico

The point vs. counterpoint opinions on Puerto Rico left out the best option: End the colonization of that island and allow it to become its very own country. The Puerto Ricans I have worked with, both in the military, religious and civilian workforce have proven to be a smart, strong and fiercely independent people. You know, just like our original 13 colonies’ inhabitants. Without Uncle San holding their hand, and holding them back, they will eventually become an independent ally on the world stage instead of becoming just a token progressive Democrat vote every four years. “You aren’t Puerto Rican if you don’t vote for me!”

No need

We don’t have to insult each other when we comment. The bombing of Hiroshima ended WWII. The attack on Pearl Harbor was the reason we joined in the war where, until that attack, we were neutral. There is nothing false about those statements.

Defining health care

Anything to do with body’s functioning is health care. You don’t have to agree to treatment but we should have a choice. Sometimes the insurance companies will decide, but it shouldn’t be the government.

Test ‘em all

I think it is a great idea to test the candidates for drugs and mental ability. Let’s also have them checked before the debates for ear buds.


As disturbing as it is that an elderly woman did not have enough money to buy all the groceries she wanted I ask myself, is it all inflation? The woman is probably receiving Social Security. How much Social Security a person receives is based on how much was made when working. Low wages yield low Social Security. She may have worked in Mississippi her entire life and therefore her Social Security could reflect that.

No Sounds by the Sea

The Gulf Coast Symphony will not perform the Sounds by the Sea this Memorial Day due to insufficient funding. This wonderful and important free event is supported by attendees and local companies and organizations. At last years concert many, many people didn’t donate as the volunteers passed a basket around. Shame! And what about companies and organizations? Consider Keesler Credit union: It has has money for naming a baseball stadium.

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