Sound Off for May 3, 2024

Unhappy employees

The Sun Herald covered an article by McClatchy that revealed that the South has some of the unhappiest employees in the nation. Six of the bottom ten were in the South. All six have Republican governors. I wonder if there’s any correlation? Not necessarily because of anything the governors are doing, but because it takes a Republican majority in a state to elect them. Republicans seem to want to return to glory days of yesteryear and it ain’t happening where they dominate.

The border

Donald Trump clearly stated that he stopped the bipartisan border bill from passing because he needed chaos at the border. He stopped it by telling Republican legislators to vote no on the bill. Most of them did just that, and the bill did not pass. If the bill was passed, the border would no longer be an issue. Trump needs the border to stay in chaos so that he can blame President Biden and then promise to fix it if he was elected president. This is not my opinion. This is fact.

Thank you

In the flood of FOX News, Newsmax and Donald Trump hatefest letters, finally one that I agree with. Saturday’s Trusted Sources was awesome. FOX News reported that the border bill would allow 5,000 illegal crossings every day. That is a fact. Literally every other media outlet reported their opinion about what Trump may be thinking. Thank you for pointing out that the only media reporting facts are FOX News and Newsmax. All others are reporting opinion.


If these pro Palestinian protesters feel so strongly the United States is so wrong, then they need to go to Palestine and rebuild that country with their ideal form of government. Apparently, a Republic like the United States is not good enough for them and their ideology. Wear a mask and create a masked government system.


Our president is considering bringing Palestinians as refugees to our country and also moving to provide asylum to the 11 million or so illegal immigrants and proclaim them as citizens so they can vote in the November election. Every American citizen should have seen this coming as President Biden is positioning the upcoming election to ensure the Socialist Democrats stay in power in order to totally control our county. Please open your eyes to really see what’s happening and stand firm to fight this horrible party and not allow the Biden administration any more harm to our country.

Title IX

Lynn Fitch and Sen. Hyde smith believe we should have transgender students not only recognized in schools but also in sports. If born a male they should remain a male until 18 and out of public school. Same for women.


I wish people would stop quoting Bible quotes as proof of facts. While inspirational, the Bible is not an encyclopedia. It was written by many authors and put together during the Nicene Conference in 325 AD. Research it.

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