Sound Off for May 30, 2024

Take notice

We liberals are not ashamed of this label. It means we are progressive in our thinking and have empathy for others.

Sounds by the Sea

Did you miss Sounds By The Sea? I did. Let’s support the Mississippi Gulf Coast Symphony throughout the year so the Memorial Day concert can return next year. Individuals, businesses, organizations, please buy tickets, participate in fundraisers, make a donation, sponsor a concert, sponsor a musician, sponsor a guest artist. Visit for more info.

More promises

Donald Trump is promising to support Libertarians now. He certainly has been doing rallys and courting anyone he thinks supports him. What exactly is his platform? He is vocal about President Biden. Is this enough of a reason to elect him president?

Thank you

Thank you Sun Herald for highlighting the true meaning of Memorial Day. The freedoms we enjoy are not free. Unfortunately, the holiday is more celebrated as a fun day off, not fully appreciating the sacrifices made by our military. Americans are generally oblivious to what the U.S service member does every day protecting our nation. Recruiters are having great difficulty meeting the national requirement and have greatly lowered standards to reach goals. For instance the Army now allows 35 year olds to go to boot camp. The Honorable John McCain had it right — all Americans should serve nationally. Whether military, Peace Corps, Americorp or other, and no exceptions, except for health. Every American should serve at 18 for two years — even the wealthy politicians’ children.

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we pause in solemn gratitude to pay tribute to the brave patriots who laid down their lives defending peace and freedom while in military service to our great nation. We set aside this day to honor their sacrifice and to remind all Americans of the tremendous price of our precious liberty.

State economy

Statistics show that Republican-controlled states have the worst economies. In Mississippi, we have the largest grocery tax, limited access to health care, lowest academic achievements, extremely high wind insurance premiums and poor infrastructure. Yet we have received infrastructure and stimulus money from the federal government. So, we are to blame President Biden and not Gov. Reeves?

Not the worst

Things never change in Mississippi because politics never change. U.S. News and World Report lists Mississippi as the 48th worst of 50 states, and the worst in economy and health care. Surprised we’re not at the very bottom in education, since Republicans keep getting re-elected. I guess the elected Republican reply is as always “if you don’t like it here, leave.” Now that’s an educated response.

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