Sound Off for May 31, 2024

One or the other

Trumpers say President Biden has dementia and should not be president. One could say the same thing about Donald Trump, but that is another story. Our two choices this November are Trump and Biden. At this point, I do not care about their politics. I care about their integrity. Trump is a womanizer, a cheater three times over, a liar, an extremely bad businessman, and a narcissist who does only what is good for him. Jesus would be horrified that any person would even contemplate voting him to be our president.

Biden policy

The American taxpayers are about to get another jolt on their purchasing power. President Biden’s policy to allow the Trump tax cuts to expire will take more spending ability from American citizens. Biden said no tax increases on tax payers making $400,000. Now he is set to change his mind. With the rising cost of food and all goods taking a big chunk out of your pay check, the tax increase will take another chunk up front before you even receive your paycheck. How much more can we the people tolerate before we tell Biden enough is enough?

Naval nonsense

Well, here we go again. President Biden, for the second time, tells us he had an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy, but did not go because he wanted to play football and they already had Roger Staubach as a quaterback and Joe Bellino as a running back. So he went to Delaware where he went out for football one year and didn’t finish the season. If he tells the story enough, he will start to believe it. At least he has not had any more relatives eaten by sharks.

Proud American

To the writer “Not Proud,“ you obviously have no concept of what the Japanese were doing to both civilians and military personnel. Ask the people of the Philippines, Korea, China, and many other countries who where brutalized and murdered by the Japanese. America did what was necessary to not only stop the killing but save thousands of civilian and military lives. So I’m proud.

Pink is the new Orange

I saw the article where the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks proposed a number of changes. One of the changes says hunters will be able to wear 500 inches of pink for safety. I believe the legislative should have allowed the pink for only females who were born a female at birth and the traditional orange for males who were born males at birth. We would not want the wild animals to be confused about who is shooting at them.

Well done

Would who ever wrote “A History Lesson,” please write a few more like that. We all need to brush up on our history.


Facts are the framework for historical recordings. Subjective explanations can only be included if there is proof. Stories may have factual foundations and facts can be omitted, but all we can do is rely on the “experts.” Unfortunately, history is usually recorded by the victor.

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