Sound Off for May 4, 2024


I hope all parents of college teenagers are closely watching college campus unrest nationwide. Your kids will be radicalized by un-American and hateful ideologues. Shameful.


If you want chaos, vote your conscience — you have a right. If you want law and order, limited immigration and financial stability, vote your conscience. Your vote counts. Be sure you consider the consequences and vote intelligently.

Shiny things

People buy with their eyes. We see good and bad in all things. You complain about Donald Trump voters, but offer up Joe Biden. The choice is way too easy, given the state of affairs now.

Projectionist in Chief

One presidential candidate keeps bringing up “paid protesters.” That’s something he actually knows something about, considering he’s the highest paid protester to ever to disgrace the world.

Real threat

The biggest threat to our democracy is the lawlessness and anarchy of the far left.

Campus unrest

There are many uninformed Americans who are just plain naive when it comes to this nationwide campus unrest. Follow the money in funding and support for this anarchy.

Insurance regulation

It is time for all insurance to be regulated by government. Companies continue to raise rates and make billions in profit. A policy increasing from 3,000 to 7,500 has no justification. Companies should show a loss during natural disasters if that is the product you sell.

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