Southern Ontario snowfall may be less severe than expected, expert says

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Environment Canada has issued weather advisories for much Souther Ontario today, including snow squall warnings, but snowfall may not be as significant we are expecting.

“It’s not going to be much snow,” Brett Anderson, AccuWeather’s senior meteorologist told Yahoo Canada News.

Anderson predicts that Southern Ontario will start to see some snow showers after around 8 p.m. tonight. He also expects that the Toronto area will only see around one centimeter of snow, with areas around Blue Mountain and Barrie, in addition to areas north of London near Goderich and Owen Sound, getting hit the hardest with snowfall.

These hardest hit regions of the province could see up to 10 centimeters of snow throughout the evening though to early Friday morning.

“I do not think, at least in the greater Toronto area, down through London, even in Windsor, that we’ll see any road problems early in the evening, even though the snow may be coming down a little bit,” Anderson said.

The main concern related to the arctic cold front that is making its way through Southern Ontario is the below freezing temperatures that are expected to start around 10 p.m. this evening. This temperature drop may cause any snowfall to stick on the ground and wet roads will freeze, which can cause slippery spots throughout the evening and overnight.

“Even a centimeter of snow with the falling temperature, rapid freeze up, roads and especially bridges and overpasses could get slippery later this evening, so certainly that’s something to be concern about,” Anderson said.

According to the AccuWeather meteorologist, it is expected to be very cold on Friday with the temperature hitting -9 C, which will feel like -15 C with the wind around Toronto.

Temperatures are expected to warm up over the weekend with no significant snowfall or freezing temperatures expected early next week, but Anderson says there may be another cold pattern on its way for the following weekend.

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