Special counsel prosecutors think Trump deliberately misled his lawyers over missing papers, report says

Donald Trump knowingly misled his own attorneys about his handling of classified documents after leaving office, according to the contents of a sealed filing in the special counsel investigation of the former president, ABC News reports.

The federal special counsel investigating Mr Trump presented a Washington court with evidence that the former president committed “criminal violations” and deliberately misled his lawyers, former DC district court chief judge Beryl Howell wrote in a Friday filing, a source told the broadcaster. (Judge Howell stepped down the same day as the reported filing.)

As a result of the alleged misconduct on Mr Trump’s part, Judge Howell ordered Trump attorney Evan Corcoran to comply with a grand jury subpoena and offer records and testimony in the investigation, which he had previously avoided by claiming attorney-client privilege.

Attorney-client privilege doesn’t apply to conversations relating to carrying out or concealing a crime.

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