‘Spirited’ pup rescued from dirt road in NC. Now she needs a home — with lots of cheese

A cheese-loving dog was rescued from a dirt road — and now she’s up for adoption in North Carolina.

“Molly’s story is one of resilience, and she is now seeking a loving home where she can continue to thrive and bring joy to her new family,” the Triangle Beagle Rescue wrote Feb. 23 in a Facebook post.

Molly is ready to start her next chapter after she was “found on the side of a dirt road” in the Croatan National Forest, which spans 160,000 acres near the North Carolina coast. The emaciated dog was near a pile of food, leading rescuers to believe someone left it for her.

“The bottoms of her feet were burnt somehow, so she couldn’t walk very well,” foster mom Robyn Whalen told McClatchy News in a phone interview.

Whalen saw the story of Molly’s rescue online in January and eventually started caring for her. Since then, she said the dog’s paws have healed, and she’s gained weight.

Molly — known as a “spirited and inquisitive soul” — might do best if she’s the only dog or has a “dominant male dog” in her next home, according to an online adoption profile.

“She adores belly rubs and cherishes moments spent with her human companions,” the animal rescue wrote. “Molly has a special fondness for all types of cheese.”

Whalen said she discovered Molly’s love for cheese as she experimented with ways to get the dog to take her medications. The foster family slipped a pill into a slice of cheese, and the strategy worked.

As of early Feb. 26, the Triangle Beagle Rescue said Molly was still in need of an owner. More details about the adoption process for the Raleigh-area organization can be found at

“She’s a very fun dog,” Whalen said. “She’s got a lot of energy, but she also is happy as a clam to sit on the couch and just snuggle.”

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