Spreading lies about chronic wasting disease in Texas deer is beyond comprehension | Opinion

Wildlife health

Thank you for the clear-eyed June 9 commentary, “State must deal with wasting disease threat to Texas deer,” (5C) about the deadly threats posed by chronic wasting disease. The vast majority of Texans concerned with preserving a healthy wild deer herd are fully supportive of the extensive efforts by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to contain and eliminate this awful disease.

It is beyond comprehension that fringe voices are waging such a virulent campaign against any who take this disease seriously. I can’t help but think that certain politicians, podcasters, aging rockers and blatant self-promoters are harboring their own heads full of damaged prions.

- Roy Leslie, San Antonio

Fueling violence

The Fairmount neighborhood has always been a safe place for the LGBTQ community. Businesses on Magnolia Avenue, Celebration Community Church on Pennsylvania and Westside Unitarian Universalist Church are welcoming to all. As a straight cisgender couple, my husband and I enjoy the area because everyone seems so chill and non-discriminatory.

Holding an anti-transgender disinformation seminar during Pride Month at the Fire Station Community Center is disrespectful to the community and invites danger to a neighborhood that is one of the few safe spaces in Fort Worth. (June 5, 2A, “Fort Worth OKs anti-LGBTQ ‘ideology’ event at city center”) The groups involved in this event spread incorrect information about gender-affirming care, and their rhetoric fuels violence. The city made a mistake by allowing this event.

- Amy Ramsey, Fort Worth

School decisions

Let’s make sure we all understand the Fort Worth school board’s recent decisions.

The board commissioned a study, due this year, to better understand declining enrollments and underused facilities. Deciding not to wait for the commissioned report, the board decided to close several schools.

But because of predictable community reaction, the board reversed that decision. The board will use bond funds to upgrade all middle schools, even though some will be closed in the future.

It’s rather questionable decision-making for those governing an $800-million-a-year enterprise.

- William Koehler, Fort Worth

Texas prisons

It will take more than the sheriff and Texas Rangers to resolve the overcrowding and inmate death issues in Texas county jails. Prison and jail administrators and corrections officers should be educated in criminology, sociology, correctional law, management, sociology of organizations, minority relations and psychology. This would prepare individuals to lead their organizations, work with at-risk populations, understand social and cultural issues, and apply effective problem-solving strategies. These skills are important because the research suggests that most prison and jail deaths are preventable.

Without intelligent, competent and inspiring leadership, there is little chance of creating constructive corrections environments and operations. It is time to re-address the training and educational requirements for prison and jail administrators, and corrections officers.

- Leslie J. Smith, Grapevine

Phones rob kids

Thank you, Brian Byrd, for addressing school phone bans in your June 4 commentary, “To help ‘anxious generation,’ start with school phone bans.” (12A) It saddens me to see young people and adults with their heads staring at their smartphones, fingers flying. I am certainly guilty of this at times, but the cost to our children’s development is incalculable.

Our phones are an exciting source of information. So is a good book. Our phones are an escape from reality. So is a walk in the woods. This is definitely a problem that needs our attention.

- Lindy Hudson, Fort Worth