Spring flooding in New Brunswick: Don't let your guard down

Snowpack surveys in New Brunswick are showing snow levels that are almost exactly on the thirty-year average. This means the potential for flooding is there, but it all comes down to how quickly it melts.

"There is enough snow there that if it does all melt very quickly, we could certainly see some significant flooding," says Geoffrey Downy of the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization. "So with that in mind, we really encourage people to prepare, that's something you have control over. Is your 72-hour preparedness kit ready? Do you have an evacuation plan? Do you understand what happens historically in your neighbourhood or in your community when the water level goes up?"

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Officials are cautioning residents not to let their guard down just because snow is melting in the Fredericton area and the river looks open.

You can access river level forecasts online through the New Brunswick River Watch website.

To learn more about New Brunswick’s potential spring flood risk, watch the video that leads this article.

WATCH BELOW: Atlantic Canada's 2023 Spring Forecast

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