Stealthy predator tries sneaking into chicken coop — but gets stuck, photos show

A stealthy predator tried sneaking into a chicken coop to get itself a snack and got caught in the act — literally, Colorado photos show.

Photos show a bobcat lying on the ground and tangled in green fencing as chickens walk around nearby. Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Southwest Region posted the photos on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Feb. 20.

“This bobcat got itself into quite the predicament when it tried to go through a fence to get to a chicken coop outside of Norwood,” officials said in the post.

Norwood is about 300 miles southwest of Colorado Springs.

The bobcat was “visibly exhausted” from trying to free itself by the time a wildlife officer arrived to help, officials said.

The officer held the predator down using a catch pole while the homeowner and friends cut the wire until the bobcat was free, officials said. The creature took off in the other direction once the officer released it.

“This is an electric fence used to protect chickens, but the fence wasn’t energized at the time the bobcat tried to get inside,” officials said. “Electric fences are a great tool to prevent wildlife conflicts, and it’s best to keep them working.”

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