Stellantis reveals STLA Large platform with EV and ICE support

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Hot on the heels of a Jeep Wagoneer S teaser and photos of the prototype next-generation Dodge Charger (or Challenger), comes a reveal and details of what will likely underpin both of them: the STLA Large platform. It's one of multiple Stellantis flexible architectures that will be the basis of its upcoming electric cars, and apparently internal combustion ones, too.

Stellantis says the STLA Large platform will be for D- and E-segment cars, crossovers and SUVs. In other words, it will be for midsize and large vehicles. For reference, lengths supported will be from 187.6 to 201.8 inches, and width will range from 74.7 to 79.9 inches. It will be highly flexible, too, with Stellantis claiming significant amounts of adjustability in overhangs, wheelbase, suspension placement and powertrain arrangement.

STLA Large platform
STLA Large platform

The powertrain flexibility is quite impressive. Front-, rear- and all-wheel-drive layouts will be supported. Single- and dual-motor layouts will be on offer. Internal combustion will be available, too, either on its own or as a hybrid. Apparently engines can be fitted either longitudinally or transversely, too.

Battery packs with between 85 and 118 kWh of capacity will be offered, with Stellantis claiming that sedan-style vehicles could have a range of up to 500 miles. The packs will also be available in 400- and 800-volt designs. Stellantis noted also that the platform can "easily accept future energy storage technologies when they reach production readiness." This seems to hint that the company is looking at different battery chemistries and maybe even solid-state batteries that could be added more easily in the future. Furthermore, the platform is designed to handle impressive output. Stellantis says that some models on the platform will have 0-to-62 mph times in the 2-second range. Limited-slip differentials for improved power delivery and wheel-end disconnects for reduced mechanical drag are also on the table for this platform.

STLA Large platform
STLA Large platform

All of these details fit well with the information previously given for the concept Dodge Charger Daytona Banshee and Jeep Wagoneer S. The former was previewed with both battery voltage architectures and a wide range of electric powertrains with between 456 and 670 horsepower depending on specification and upgrades. And that's just for the 400-volt system; the 800-volt option wasn't detailed. We've also seen photos of the Charger chassis seemingly with provisions for gas engines, likely versions of the Hurricane I6. The high-performance Wagoneer S also fits the platform and its expected 600 horsepower. Stellantis noted this platform will also support up to 11.3 inches of ground clearance and tires up to 32.6 inches in diameter, both important for helping the Jeep maintain some off-road credibility. We're curious if the powertrain flexibility of the STLA Large means that Jeep will also offer a hybrid or plain internal-combustion version of the Wagoneer S.

The launch timing for the STLA Large platform also fits that of the Charger and Wagoneer S. Both are slated to launch this year, and Stellantis said that the first Large platform vehicles will be this year from Dodge and Jeep. But other models are coming. Alfa Romeo, Chrysler and Maserati will also have Large platform cars, with eight vehicles across the Stellantis line launching through 2026.

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