Stephen Colbert Fact-Checks Trump With Just 1 Brutally Honest Word

Stephen Colbert isn’t impressed by the quickly arranged debates between President Joe Biden and GOP rival Donald Trump.

“The Late Show” host recalled watching the pair’s 2020 matchups.

“We all remember gathering with our friends and families on the couch to say, ‘Oh God. I hope this doesn’t happen again in four years,’” he cracked.

But Trump said he’s looking forward to facing Biden again.

“Let’s get ready to Rumble!!! ” he wrote on his Truth Social website.

“Rumble? I’ve seen your rallies,” Colbert fired back. “I think you mean, ‘Let’s get ready to ramble.’”

Colbert pointed to Trump’s bizarre rambling aside about Hannibal Lecter as a prime example.

Check it out in his Wednesday night “Late Show” monologue: