Stephen Colbert Jokes That Biden’s Debate Rules Will Turn Trump Into ‘The World’s Angriest Mime’ | Video

Stephen Colbert celebrated what he called “an historic day” during his Wednesday night monologue, “because the debate over debating is finally over,” by which he meant that President Joe Biden and ex-President/current presidential candidate Donald Trump have agreed to two debates ahead of the presidential election in November.

And unsurprisingly, Colbert was impressed with both the way Biden challenged Trump to these debates, and the to the rules Biden has insisted be imposed. Those rules, Colbert joked, will make Trump “look like the world’s angriest mime.”

You can watch the clip from his monologue below:

“Joe Biden and Donald Trump have agreed to two presidential debates. Yeah, my friend. Just like that they’re going head to head, toe to toe, mano a mango,” Colbert joked. “These two men last debated back in October, October of 2020. We all remember gathering with our friends and families on the couch to say, ‘oh god I hope this doesn’t happen again in four years.’

Colbert then played a clip from the video Biden released challenging Trump to the debate that ribbed Trump over his legal problems. “First pick the dates,” Biden said in part. “I hear you’re free on Wednesdays.”

This was of course a reference to the fact Trump is currently required to be in court for his New York criminal Trial every weekday except on Wednesday.

“For my reaction to that join me over at the Damn Cam,” Colbert said before turning to the camera and saying “Daaaamn.”

After mocking Trump’s response to the video, Colbert reminded his audience, “Biden had some conditions in order to be willing to debate, saying that he wanted no audience, and that it should occur inside a TV studio with microphones that automatically cut off when a speaker’s time limit. No mics, that’s it. Imagine Trump with his mic cut. He’s gonna look like the world’s angriest mime,” Colbert joked.

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