Stephen Colbert Says Iowa Loves Trump ‘Because He Has the Exact Same Hair as an Ear of Corn’ | Video

Stephen Colbert has an idea about why Donald Trump did so well at the Iowa Caucuses, and it all has to do with his hair.

“Since I actually recorded this monologue last Thursday, we have no idea who won. It was Donald Trump,” the CBS late night host quipped to a chorus of boos from his audience.

“You’re obviously not from Iowa because they love him in Iowa. I think it’s because he has the exact same hair as an ear of corn,” Colbert said.

Colbert went on to note that low voter turnout was expected for the Iowa Caucuses due to weather conditions. Monday night saw one of the coldest caucuses ever with temperatures in the minus-10s. With wind chills, temperatures were as low as minus-40. Just over 110,000 voters participated in the event, a substantial drop from previous years and the GOP’s predictions.

“We know that sub-zero temperatures will definitely shrink your caucus,” Colbert joked.

The late night host prerecorded Tuesday night’s episode because of his nominations at the 75th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Colbert and the “The Late Show” team were nominated for two major categories: Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series and Outstanding Talk Series. The first award went to “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” a program that has won 28 Emmys to date. As for Outstanding Talk Series, that went to “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.”

Despite the fact Noah won for the Comedy Central program, the comedian is no longer affiliated with the late night show. In September 2022 Noah announced that he would be stepping down as host of the program and officially left in December of that year. Throughout 2023, the cable network used guest hosts to keep the long-running series afloat. Though a new host is supposed to be announced sometime in 2024, Comedy Central has yet to announce who it will be.

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