Stephen A. Smith Tells ‘Cuomo’ Biden’s Age Is a ‘National Embarrassment’ for Democrats: ‘That’s All You Have?’ | Video

Stephen A. Smith, certainly no fan of Donald Trump or the Republican Party, nonetheless torched the Democrats this week, saying Joe Biden’s advanced age makes the elder party’s choice for a presidential nominee a “national embarrassment.”

The ESPN host and NBA analyst appeared Thursday night on NewsNation’s “Cuomo,” where host Chris Cuomo asked Smith to elaborate on his comments about wanting to debate Trump.

“Why are you trying to pull the tail of the tiger with Donald Trump?” Cuomo asked. Smith equivocated, first saying he was “half-joking” about his earlier statements on “The Howard Stern Show” – then flipping to “He doesn’t want any part of me … I actually I absolutely positively meant it.”

Smith said Trump’s debate style is substance-free – “He doesn’t discuss information! He doesn’t bring up anything! Everything’s insults!” – and said it would be “easy” to beat him because “you don’t have to be substantive.”

Cuomo then pivoted Smith to his previous criticism of Democrats for staying behind Biden, who would be 82 at the time of a second inauguration.

“You’re also not happy with the Democratic choice,” Cuomo said, “and you say age does matter.”

“Because he’s lost momentum,” Smith said, grimly at first. “[Polls] were saying that there was slippage with Joe Biden and that it was the potential out there for him to lose the general election.”

From there, Smith’s comments turned scathing:

“I think the Democratic Party should be ashamed of itself,” he went on. “I think they are a national embarrassment to be in a situation where it’s the year 2024 and a man that turned 81 years of age in November, who would be 82 … you’re asking him to give you four more years because he is your best candidate to beat a former president who’s been impeached twice, has four indictments against him, 91 counts and could end up being a convicted felon by the time the election rolls around? Do you have any idea what an indictment it is against the Democratic party that your best candidate is an 82-year-old, and that’s all you have? That’s embarrassing.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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