Steve-O 'Bucket List' special: 'Jackass' star is the only person who could pull off outrageous show

"The world has just gotten kind of sensitive, I feel like, and this is a little bit my way of lashing out," Steve-O said

Steve-O's Bucket List special (Gav Thane)
Steve-O's Bucket List special (Gav Thane)

While you were likely first introduced to Steve-O through Jackass, the star's Bucket List show (now available to watch on demand, for a limited time) proves how good he is at comedic storytelling, and that no one can push the limits of comedy as much as Steve-O.

The premise of the Bucket List special is that Steve-O, throughout a multimedia experience, walks us through some of his craziest, "bucket list" stunts he's ever done. Stuff that couldn't be shown on Jackass. Steve-O sets up each stunt with a story, guiding us through this mind-blowing collection of videos.

For about four years, Steve-O toured the show to enthusiastic crowds, really working to evolve the show throughout the years, enhancing the impact of the show.

"In one sense, I really toured that show to death," Steve-O told Yahoo Canada. "It never stopped evolving and improving."

In terms of what set Steve-O off on this particular type of show, he said it was a "natural progression."

"When I started doing stand up comedy, it was just me and a microphone, and then whatever I would do on stage, I would do some silly stuff on stage, that was my first comedy special," Steve-O explained. "My second comedy special I told stories and edited in footage of the stories happening in post-production, so there was no multimedia component to that tour."

"Then for the third show I was like, now I want to bring footage on the road and I don't want to tell old stories anymore. So it was like, OK I've got to do crazier stuff than ever to create new material and bring the videos on the road. So it made perfect sense to take this approach."

'I might be the only guy in the world who could get away with that'

As you may expect, Steve-O is independently making the special available to fans, knowing that a streaming service or other partners would likely not want to take on this graphic and outrageous content.

"I think a big part of me going as aggressively hard as I did was my frustration with having to abide by community guidelines on YouTube and Facebook, and all of the other attendant social media platforms," Steve-O said. "The world has just gotten kind of sensitive, I feel like, and this is a little bit my way of lashing out."

The stunt that still particularly sticks out to Steve-O from his Bucket List special is the "sky jacking" segment, where Steve-O is naked, with a man strapped to his back, jumping out of an airplane "servicing" himself.

"The sky jacking thing I consider the most challenging of all, like in every sense," Steve-O said. "It was so challenging to find a skydiving company that would let this happen under their banner, the individual tandem guy who would be on my back, like logistically to actually make the stunt work was as difficult as anything has ever been."

"This whole show is an exercise in my worlds colliding, Jackass meets stand-up comedy. I think of how many layers there are two sky jacking, it just a bit that lends itself so well to comedy. I believe, maybe this is an outrageous claim, but I believe it's testimony to how far I've come in the craft of storytelling and stand-up to tell the story of sky jacking in a way that makes it permissible for 1,000 people to watch me jack off, and do it with joyfully, to cheers. ... I might be the only guy in the world who could get away with that."

Steve-O's Bucket List special, with Lux Wright (Gav Thane)
Steve-O's Bucket List special, with Lux Wright (Gav Thane)

'I think I do have another show like this in me'

While Steve-O's Bucket List special is certainly meant to be fun and shocking, what's clear is that Steve-O is a great storyteller and he uses that skill to ensure Bucket List works as a whole, united piece.

"The footage is so aggressive, it's so explicit, and what makes it palatable on some level, what makes it OK for me to go that far, is the way that I tell the stories, and I'm really happy with how well that works," he said.

Another thing worth highlighting is that Steve-O's, fiancée Lux Wright, was responsible for the production design, including sourcing all the TVs you see in the background.

"Lux is a production designer, super talented, she's done a million things, but I don't know that she's ever had as ambitious of a project as finding that many TVs and making this whole thing work," Steve-O said. "I don't know that she's ever been quite so ambitious in one of her projects, and neither have I."

"So here's this beautiful love story that we've made and the execution of the show is just both of us operating at the pinnacles of our craft."

But if you think this is the end of Steve-O's antics, checking off all these impressive stunts from his bucket list, that's not the case. It's inspired a new set of stunts he's hoping to achieve.

"When I first put together the Bucket List show, I was almost in a depression because I thought, have I painted myself into a corner now," Steve-O said.

"I've since thought of some stuff. So I think I do have another show like this in me, that I can raise the bar with, yet again."

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 13:  Actors Steve O (L) and Johnny Knoxville arrive at the premiere of Paramount Pictures and MTV Films'
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 13: Actors Steve O (L) and Johnny Knoxville arrive at the premiere of Paramount Pictures and MTV Films' "Jackass 3D" at the Chinese Theater on October 13, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

While there's still a big question mark around how many more Jackass movies or pieces of entertainment will be released in the future, Steve-O has absolutely proved that he can stand on his own, both in terms of executing shocking stunts, and being a comedian.

"I would have trouble imagining that there's more Jackass stuff to happen, but at the same time, I never thought that last fourth movie would have happened either," Steve-O said. "You never know."

"I'm always open to it. When the last movie came up I said, guys I'm doing all this stuff for YouTube, if it's not for a Jackass maybe I'll do it for YouTube. ... I'm just an absolute psycho. I feel like I've just always got to be doing something and as such, I've really kind of carved out a place where I can thrive, even if there isn't anymore Jackass. So I'm super grateful for that."