'Sticky-note bandit' suspect arrested in Mount Pearl

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary has arrested a man in connection with a series of frauds in the St. John's area.

Police said that the man, 33, was arrested without incident at a home in Mount Pearl. They believe he is connected to frauds committed by the so-called "sticky-note bandit."

He has been charged with six counts of fraud under $5,000.

The man has been released and will appear in court on March 5.

The "sticky-note bandit" became fairly well known in the city after visiting a number of well-known retailers earlier this winter.

He managed to con employees at stores such as the Travel Bug in the Avalon Mall where he made off with $600 worth of merchandise after deceiving an employee.

The "bandit" also visited Brewery Lane in Mount Pearl and Brittania Teas on Water Street.

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