Stop trashing Republicans like Ron DeSantis. We see through the propaganda | Opinion

Stop trashing Republican candidates

Here we go again. As usual, The News Tribune is picking up every nonsensical or negative article from highly biased propagandist organizations, e. g., Washington Post, to denigrate or minimize a viable Republican presidential candidate. The TNT has done this repeatedly over the last few elections while consistently portraying any Democratic candidate in the most favorable light.

What will we read in the TNT about the many Biden scandals, or about the VP’s failure at any task she has been assigned, or her inability to even construct a cohesive sentence? Silence! Will any favorable or even neutral articles about Republican candidates appear in the TNT? No!

It might be different if the TNT employed even one real journalist, but the supply of those is severely limited in this day and age.

David Splinter, Tacoma

Tuberculosis requires bold action

News about an ongoing, untreated tuberculosis (TB) case is rare and alarming in Washington state, where the disease is largely controlled. It reminds all of us to consider the greater global health situation regarding this deadly illness.

In 2021, over 10.5 million people were sickened from TB and 1.6 million people died from it. The WHO estimates around 4 million people remain undiagnosed and untreated. The COVID-19 pandemic damaged our already underfunded TB response in low- and middle-income countries, reversing years of progress. TB is once again becoming the biggest infectious disease killer in the world.

Congress has the power to help get us back on track with the End TB Now Act. It requires bold goals for reaching vulnerable populations to detect, cure, and prevent all forms of TB.

Cynthia Changyit Levin, St. Louis, Mo

Wrong-way crashes

It seems that we are witnessing an increasing rash of wrong-way tragedies on our highways, which cost lives and property, cause tremendous disruptions to the public, and heavily tax our emergency services.

I would like to suggest that we institute a warning system on our highways that detects (e.g. with motion sensors) wrong-way drivers as they wrongly merge onto the highway, alerting them via a series of flashing red lights (immediately also contacting law enforcement in the process), and then deploying an automatic/pneumatic spike strip that slows and ultimately prevents the errant driver from driving significantly further.

At this point, the innocent lives spared from these horrific tragedies would be wholly worth the effort and expense.

Michael Pravica, Henderson, Nev.