Stranger Things’ season five ending was meant to happen back in season two

The ending of Stranger Things’s forthcoming fifth season was orginally supposed to take place back in season two, it has been revelaed.

Matt and Ross Duffer, the duo who created the hit Netflix sci-fi series, made the revelation during an appearance at WGFestival.

The Duffer brothers were there to discuss the fifth and final season of Stranger Things, whichis currently in development.

“The success of season one freaked us out and then we knew we needed to build up this bigger world, that this was going to be ongoing. But it was way too much — [five times] more ideas than we needed, or [10 times],” said Ross.

“For season five, we’re pulling from a lot of those big season two ideas… A lot of our big ending stuff has pulled from stuff that we thought was going to be in season two,” he revealed.

Earlier this month, Netflix released a photo of the script for the season five premiere of Stranger Things, revealing for the first time the episode’s title.

Fans were quick to theorise that the title suggests a major character could be returning in the future – despite being killed off last season.

Millie Bobby Brown in ‘Stranger Things’ (Ursula Coyote/Netflix)
Millie Bobby Brown in ‘Stranger Things’ (Ursula Coyote/Netflix)

The Duffer brothers have also given fans some idea of what to expect from the new episodes, confirming earlier this year that the fifth season would break from a recurring series tradition.

Elsewhere, some of Stranger Things’s stars have made one request of the new season, having expressed some complaints over the episodes in season four.

Matt and Ross Duffer did, however, respond to the criticisms.