Stray Dog Becomes Local Celebrity After Helping Children Cross Street in Republic of Georgia

A neighborhood stray dog in Batumi, Republic of Georgia, became a local celebrity and was awarded a “People’s Choice” star after one of his humans recorded him helping a group of kindergartners safely cross the road on January 20, local media said.

Batumi resident Beqa Tsinadze recorded the dog, who is called Kupata (meaning “Sausage”), as he volunteered his services as a crossing guard, trotting alongside the group of children and barking at cars as they approached the crosswalk.

Tsinadze told Storyful that the dog has lived in his building for around four years and he and his neighbor take care of it together.

The Georgian government has few laws in place dictating humane treatment of stray animals, but it does tag dogs so that citizens can keep track of when they were last fed and washed.

Videos of Kupata helping the children cross the road gained so much international attention on social media that the Adjara Department of Tourism and Resorts honored the courageous canine with his own People’s Choice award, media reported. Credit: Beqa Tsinadze via Storyful