Students celebrate graduation with epic "paper toss"

Making it rain at the end of the year. Video still from Twitter
Making it rain at the end of the year. Video still from Twitter

Forget prom. Seniors at Bahsa High School in Chandler, Arizona recently celebrated their imminent graduation by tossing an outrageous amount of paper down a stairwell.

The paper toss is an annual tradition at Bahsa High, where seniors do the throwing and underclassmen do the cleaning up. On May 26, student Jordan White recorded the ritual and then posted it to Twitter, where it quickly caught fire and has since been viewed almost five million times.

In the clip, a crowd of students stands at the top of a littered stairwell holding what we can only assume is all the homework they’ve completed over the past several years. One student in the front holds a stack of paper at least a foot thick.

Someone gives the signal and paper starts raining down like a looseleaf waterfall. The torrent lasts for nearly a minute and a half, during which students start surfing down the stairs on a sea of algebra exercises and essays about MacBeth.

While most on social media applauded the unusual tradition, there was also some concern about the burden it might place on custodial staff:

White was quick to explain in a subsequent post that the toss is planned by administrators and students — but not seniors — are responsible for cleaning up the mess.