‘Succession’ Star Sarah Snook Says AI is ‘Terrifying,’ Calls for ‘Pretty Stringent’ Protections

“Succession” star Sarah Snook is worried about how AI might end up being used, and is calling for regulations to protect not just actors but all workers.

While speaking to the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg about the SAG-AFTRA strike and negotiations, Snook said, “The main thing of it, for me, really, that I find terrifying is the AI of it all. It’s just such uncharted landscape.”

The actress continued, “We need pretty stringent rules in place in order to protect not just the acting industry across the… if we could set a precedent for other industries in regards to how AI is utilized, then that’ll be huge.”

“I think, you know, all the deep fake stuff that’s already readily available is terrifying,” she added. “That guy who does the Tom Cruise videos… it’s uncanny. Uncanny. And so imagine, then, having a company who owns your image, owns your voice, creating whatever propaganda at worst. There are no words that would describe how important this is right now to attend to.”

The clip is a preview for Snook’s upcoming interview with Kuenssberg, which will air on BBC One at 9:00 GMT.

The actress was referencing the work of Chris Umé, a visual and AI effects artist who hired actor Miles Fisher to stand in for Cruise for a series of videos.

Despite the potential pitfalls, Umé believes that AI can be used for good. As a co-founder of the company Metaphysic, he was behind the Belgian Football Association campaign that featured two deceased managers.

Much of the current SAG-AFTRA negotiations with studios hinge on developing new AI policies. As of Friday, the union had informed its members that it remained “far apart” from the studio executives on the issue of AI (as well as compensation for actors on streaming services).

The AMPTP has also opened up the possibility of backing out of negotiations until after the holiday season if a deal can’t be struck soon, a move that would have far-reaching consequences for both the 2023-24 scripted television season as well as the schedule for 2024 movie releases.

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