Sudbury, Ont., grandmother still shocked at her Grammys moment with Harry Styles

Sudbury, Ont., grandmother still shocked at her Grammys moment with Harry Styles

When Reina Lafantaisie thinks back to her experience at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, she still has trouble believing it really happened.

"It was just so great that I don't even know how it happened," said the grandmother from Sudbury, Ont.

"I'm just so grateful that I experienced this and I got to see Harry Styles."

Lafantaisie didn't just get to see her favourite artist. She was also on stage to present Styles with his award for best album for Harry's House.

The show's producers invited Lafantaisie, along with other super fans of the event's nominees for best album, to Los Angeles.

WATCH | Harry Styles superfan Reina Lafantaisie explains what it was like to present a Grammy Award to her idol:

For Lafantansie, it all happened thanks to a video her granddaughter, Renee Reina, secretly recorded of her raving about her favourite artist.

"I was sitting there with my phone and I was like, 'This would be hilarious on TikTok,'" Reina said.

"It's so cute. It's so genuine. So I sat there and I secretly filmed her for seven minutes just talking about Harry Styles. Cut it up, put it on TikTok. And it blew up. And that's how producers found us, I guess."

Lafantaisie compares Styles to Elvis Presley, who she got to see in concert twice.

"I think he [Styles] will be around for a long, long time because of the way he feels about what he does," she said.

She said she connects with Styles's lyrics and his personality.

"He's just a very genuine person and a caring person," Lafantaisie said.

"And I like his messages. Be kind to people you know, live and let live."