Suella Braverman Branded 'Disgraceful' By Albanian PM For Migrant Language

Suella Braverman has been slammed by the Albanian prime minister for the “disgraceful” language she has used about the country.

Edi Rama is visiting London and is due to meet Rishi Sunak in Downing Street today.

Speaking to Radio Four’s Today programme, he said relations between the UK and Albania had reached “a very low point” which he hoped to improve.

Braverman infamously claimed there is an “invasion” of migrants crossing the English Channel on small boats - a particular reference to Albanians.

Rama said: “We have seen ourselves and our community being singled out in this country for purposes of politics. It has been very disgraceful moment for the British politics.

Asked if he meant the language used by ministers about his country, Rama added: “I mean exactly what has been spoken out about members of cabinet starting from the home secretary.

“I mean exactly what has been developing as a singling out a whole community which is not something you do in our civilisation and something which does not represent Britain at all.

“We refuse to have this mix between some criminals and the Albanians as such. Giving to the crime an ethnic seal is by itself a crime.”

He said: “This has been a very low point in our relations.”

But Rama said he was “very satisfied” with Sunak following a phone call between the pair and would make up his mind about the prime minister after their meeting.

Asked about Boris Johnson, the Albanian prime minister revealed he had watched his appearance before the Commons privileges committee on Wednesday.

He said: “With Boris we had a good relations. I feel very sorry for him. I wish we would not have seen as I saw him yesterday really very difficult moment for someone who has been on the top of British politics.”