The Summit: Mountain Climbing Competition Series Hosted By Spartacus‘ Manu Bennett Ordered at CBS

CBS has found its Everest, ordering to series the mountain climbing competition series The Summit.

Hosted by Spartacus and Arrow vet Manu Bennett, the show follows 16 strangers as they embark on “a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the treacherous New Zealand Alps in an attempt to reach the peak of a distant, towering mountain,” per The Summit‘s official description. “With their backpacks containing an equal share of $1 million, the group must traverse an exhausting distance in just 14 days in order to win the cash they are carrying. But not everyone will make it, as these strangers must work together to tackle the dangerous terrain, unforgiving Antarctic winds, heart-pounding challenges and gut-wrenching eliminations on their way to the peak.

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“Tracking them along this journey is the ‘Mountain’s Keeper,’ who will surprise the trekkers with brutal twists and force decisions that complicate an already grueling ascent,” the press release continues. “Morals and relationships will be tested when they must decide what to do if someone falls behind, because if the group fails to reach The Summit in time, all the prize money will be lost.”

CBS entertainment president Amy Reisenbach says The Summit “encompasses everything our viewers love in a reality show – everyday people overcoming and conquering their fears, a fierce game of strategy and an intense physical and emotional competition.”

Adds Summit EP Kevin Lee: “I’m an avid mountain climber, but the reason I’m passionate about this series has little to do with climbing. It’s the human drama and emotion that arise when ordinary people are pushed to their limits by intense game play that makes this series so compelling.”

The Summit is slated to premiere during during the 2024-25 TV season.

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