Super Bowl champ Luke Willson gives back in Windsor

Seattle Seahawks tight end Luke Willson was back in the area, meeting with fans on the weekend.

The former Villanova Wildcat from LaSalle was on the other side of Windsor at Tecumseh Mall, helping raise money for kids in sports.

Money raised from meet and greet with Willson will go toward the Jumpstart Program, which helps kids take part in music, arts and sports.

Willson was part of the Seattle team that won the Super Bowl back in February.

He returned home to share his story.

People also had the chance to see his Super Bowl championship ring up close.

Willson says he's thankful anytime he has a chance to chat with fans.

"I've had a lot of people [visit], and they're big football fans that are interested, but also a lot of fans have came up to me and said, 'I've never seen a football game before the Super Bowl; you gave me something to watch. I'm going to root for you,' and that's been neat as well," Willson said.

Several people lined up on the weekend to see Willson's Super Bowl championship ring.

Susan Knapman drove from Leamington to see Willson at the Tecumseh Mall in Windsor.

"It gives the little ones something to look forward to when they know somebody from LaSalle, Windsor, Amherstburg area, we all have a chance to make it big in whatever we want to do, so go for the stars," she said.

Willson heads back to Seattle on July 24 for training camp.

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