Super Bowl champion Mark Schlereth rips Jerry Jones for Trey Lance trade

Mark Schlereth had harsh sentiments for Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys organizational structure following the teams’ trade for Trey Lance on his “Stinkin Truth,” podcast.

“This is why the Cowboys will never win s***. Because Jerry Jones can’t help himself,” said Schlereth, “They’ll get in the playoffs, and they’ll s*** in their helmets like they do every year.”

Schlereth critiqued Jones for not talking to any members of the Cowboys organization before acquiring Trey Lance and said the decision belittles head coach Mike McCarthy.

“Listen, I don’t really care if you involve your quarterback or not. But to not involve your head coach? What does it say about your head coach?” said Schlereth.

Schlereth criticized Jones for “emasculating” his head coaches and said it was a big reason the Cowboys haven’t been able to return to the Super Bowl.

“I don’t believe in the organizational structure that they have. I don’t believe it’s conducive to winning a championship,” said Schlereth.