Super Bowl Reporter Brutally Pranks Patrick Mahomes With Rihanna Question

Patrick Mahomes’ B.S. detector needs work work work work work work. (Watch the video below.)

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was told by a reporter Wednesday that Super Bowl halftime singer Rihanna called him the greatest quarterback ever.

“How does that make you feel?” asked Brandon Marshall, a former NFL receiver who co-hosts the podcast “I Am Athlete.”

Mahomes who will play in his third Super Bowl when the Chiefs meet the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, couldn’t help but beam.

“It makes you feel great,” he said. “She’s gonna crush it at halftime. I have family members that I think are more excited about the halftime show than they are the game. So whatever Rihanna says is like the gospel, so I’m glad she went with me for that honor.”

“She didn’t,” Marshall cracked. “I was just messing with you.”

Mahomes kept his sense of humor.

“Ah, man, you got me up here smiling and smirking,” the quarterback said.

Marshall followed up with a serious question about what Mahomes was chasing, and the Chiefs star said he wanted to have no regrets about his effort in chasing Super Bowl victories.

But Mahomes didn’t let the stunt go. “I can’t believe you got me with that,” he told Marshall as he walked off the stage.

The Chiefs lightheartedly called out the mischief.

“How you gonna do our quarterback like that?” the team wrote on Twitter.