Suranne Jones on working with her husband for new Channel 4 show

suranne jones laurence akers
Suranne Jones on working with husband on C4 showDave Benett - Getty Images

Suranne Jones has opened up about working with her husband on her new Channel 4 documentary series.

Suranne Jones: Investigating Witch Trials, which begins this weekend, sees the Doctor Foster actor look at witch trials through history and their legacy today.

The two-part show sees her team-up with producer husband Laurence Akers, Jones explaining that the idea came together after they started a production company.

suranne jones, investigating witch trials
Channel 4

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“I’ve always loved literature on folklore, fairy tales, witches and vampires," she recalled (via OK!).

“I always wanted to play the witch when I was younger, rather than a princess, and then when I got married, my husband was always saying, ‘Is that another witch book that you’re reading?’

"So, when we started our production company, he wrote a brilliant treatment for me and sent it off and the next thing we knew, it was commissioned.”

Speaking further about the documentary, Jones admitted she “wouldn’t have survived” had she lived a few centuries ago.

suranne jones laurence akers
Dave Benett - Getty Images

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“I’m a creative, I’m outspoken, I change my look all the time, I tell stories, I love animals… I mean, it sounds mad, doesn’t it?

"I have mental health issues and I’m perimenopausal, so that’s not going to wash well because surely you’re a witch if you’re sweating too much or your hormones are all over the place and it’s affecting you so you get angry.”

Alongside Doctor Foster, Jones is perhaps best known for roles in fellow BBC shows Vigil and Gentleman Jack.

Earlier this year, the actor landed a role in Netflix political thriller The Choice, in which she will play a fictional British prime minister called Abigail Dalton.

Suranne Jones: Investigating Witch Trials will premiere this Sunday (June 23) at 9pm on Channel 4.

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