Survivor Finalist Carolyn Wiger Comes Clean: 'I Almost Feel Embarrassed, but I Thought I Could Beat Him!' — Watch

She may not have won the money, but she definitely won our hearts. Our undying love and admiration may not be worth a million bucks, but hey. It counts for something, right?

In the Season 44 finale of Survivor, Carolyn Wiger faced the jury alongside ally Yam Yam Arocho and former Soka member Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt at the final Tribal Council. While Heidi made the big one-two punch of winning immunity and taking Carson out, Yam Yam was able to impress the jury with his social strengths and likability, which earned him seven out of the eight votes and the show’s big prize. Unfortunately for Carolyn, zero jurors wrote her name down to win the million despite their acknowledgement of how underestimated and smart she was in the game. (Read our full finale recap here, plus watch our interview with Yam Yam.)

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Survivor 44 finale Carolyn Wiger
Survivor 44 finale Carolyn Wiger

So what was Carolyn’s reaction to the shut out? “I feel good,” she tells TVLine the morning after the finale. “Of course it’s emotional watching it back, but I never felt this bitterness. It was hard, but I was so happy for Yam Yam. I was just so proud of him and that was genuine.”

In our video interview embedded above, Carolyn talks to TVLine about not gunning for Yam Yam, mentally preparing herself to vote out Carson and whether she’s underestimated in her every day life. Plus, she details her reaction to Frannie’s heartwarming aftershow words and the positive reaction she’s received from Survivor fans online.

Watch the full interview above, then sound off on Carolyn’s game in the comments.

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