T-Pain Says He No Longer Takes Credit For Writing Country Songs Because Of Racism

T-Pain says racism is the reason he no longer takes credit for country songs he’s worked on.

Late last month, the “Buy U a Drank” singer told TikTok followers how he’d rather take his royalties and not get recognition for country music he’s helped write because of the bigoted backlash he’s faced.

Defending his love of the genre in the video, T-Pain said, “Good music is good music. I don’t give a fuck where it comes from or what style it comes in.”

“All the people I know feel like it’s not cool to listen to other genres of music,” he went on, adding, “Country music is where I get all my harmonies.”

The singer, who has written for Bruno Mars, Chris Brown and Jamie Foxx, then said he’s helped craft tons of country songs before going on to share how racism has soured his experience working in the genre.

“I done wrote a lot of country songs [but] I stopped taking credit for it,” he said. “Because as cool as it is to see your name in those credits and shit like that, the racism that comes after it is just like, ‘I’ll just take the check. Don’t put me on that shit. I’ll just take the check, bro. Nevermind, dude.’”

The artist did not reveal what tracks he was referring to or who he had written for. However, in a recently resurfaced interview with “The Breakfast Club” that was done a couple years ago, he did share that he had worked with Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, Rhett Akins and Dallas Davidson.

“I write a lot of country music for huge country artists that would rather not have it known that I did it,” he said at the time.

While T-Pain is known as a pioneer of the early 2000s Auto-Tune sound, he showed off his range on his 2023 album, “On Top of the Covers.”

On the collection of cover songs, he pays tribute to country legend David Allan Coe with a rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey.”