From T-shirts to naughty tea cups, Jerry Burt has you covered

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From T-shirts to naughty tea cups, Jerry Burt has you covered

"I kind of consider myself a maker," says Jerry Burt of Baddy Creative.

Burt makes custom clothing and costumes and delicate teacups and wine glasses with naughty words on them. He also collaborated on the surprise hit of Christmas 2017 —  the Maple Leaf Big Stick tree ornament.

Burt, by nature a creative person, was inspired by kindred spirits he met a few years ago at Sci-Fi on the Rock.

At subsequent Sci-Fi on the Rock conventions, Burt and his wife Krista set up a small vending table to support cosplay, and sell some homemade crafts.

The name Baddy Creative comes from Burt's fondness for naughty words and alternative interests, and it's also a combination of his children's nicknames.

Burt said he enjoys the reaction his customers get when he delivers wares from Baddy Creative.

"When I made dainty little tea cups with sayings on them they expect the stereotypical crafter female," said Burt.

"And they're like, 'you're not what I expected,'  and I'm like 'everybody says that,' " said Burt.

"It's just something I love doing."

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