A tale of two Kevins (and a Rick): Wayside Waifs, Pawsitive Tails has the pet for you


Breed: Shar-Pei, mixed

Age: 6 years old

Kevin has quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite at Wayside Waifs. From his stoic behavior to his warm smile, he will befriend anyone. His family had to move and they were unable to take him with them. While he is sad to part with them, he really has found his way here.

We often call him a reserved, distinguished gentleman. He likes to warm up at his own pace, but once he gets to know you, he is ready for pets and cuddles. He loves walks and already knows “sit” and “shake.”’ He will be a great companion for someone who likes a mix of independence and togetherness. He enjoys some dog friends, but not all. Come meet Kevin today.



Breed: Domestic shorthair

Age: 1 year old

Another Kevin? This one’s for our feline fans. Kevin initially came in from a transfer partner from Arkansas. He was quickly adopted out, but returned shortly after. We learned that Kevin has a lot of energy and drive. We have determined that he would do best as a barn cat — but a very friendly indoor/outdoor situation would ideally be best for him.

He does enjoy attention, but on his terms. He is friendly, outgoing and very playful. Kevin also likes his space, and he wouldn’t mind having a job to do, just as long as he can come see you and hang out every so often on his terms. Kevin looks forward to seeing you. He has his own setup at Wayside so he can see you from his viewing window.


Breed: American Staffordshire terrier mix

Age: 3 months

Rick figured out the doggie door, and he’s so proud of himself. He wants to show his foster dog siblings how it works so they can all join together in the same activity. So helpful, Rick!

Rick is a little black nugget of adorableness, topped by his ears, which are puppy perfection. Look at those cute stubby legs. Maybe he is gonna be a low-rider? We are guessing Rick is going to top out at around 40 pounds. Who cares what his weight will be when you have that sweet nose on that widdle face, and that puppy breath, and those puppy-dog eyes, and that wiggly-waggly tail… Oh sorry. Got carried away loving on baby Rick.

That might happen to you, too. He’s definitely one of the good guys. He gets along happily with everyone, person or dog, and he’s loving and playful, and as you can tell by the doggie door, he’s pretty smart.

Rick is neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccines. His adoption fee is $275. Meet and greets (snuggling allowed) will be scheduled with approved adopters.

Go here to get more information on Rick or other pets from Pawsitive Tails.

Wayside Waifs is able to welcome visitors without an appointment. To learn about the adoption process and available animals, visit www.waysidewaifs.org. It’s time to Strutt With Your Mutt on Sunday in Brookside neighborhood. Register here.