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Target is offering a $10 bonus credit when you buy a $100 Apple gift card

The offer is available through February 17.


If you plan on picking up an Apple product in the near future, a new deal at Target is worth a quick PSA. Through February 17, the retailer is throwing in a $10 Target credit for no extra cost when you buy a digital Apple gift card worth $100 or more. We've seen this deal several times before, but if you already need a Apple Thing and often shop at Target anyway, it's hard to complain about what is essentially free money.

You can get $10 in bonus Target credit when you buy a $100 Apple gift card.

$100 at Target

As a reminder, besides retail products you can apply Apple gift card credit toward subscription services like Apple Music, Apple TV+ and iCloud+, as well as purchases in storefronts like the App Store or Apple TV app. Just note that you'll only be able to redeem the offer once per account, according to Target's listing, and that it may take up to four hours for the store credit to arrive via email.

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