Tay waiting for green light on automated speed cameras

North Simcoe could be a very expensive place to put the pedal to the metal in safety zones, as the Tay Township committee of the whole gave thumbs up to automated speed camera enforcement at their recent meeting.

The staff report in the protective and development services section of the meeting gained approval of the committee, beginning with Coun. Paul Raymond who stated his appreciation of their use.

“Speed cameras; I love them personally,” said Raymond. “Everybody knows we have problems with speeding in our community, as much as some people are in denial.”

While Raymond voiced concern about whether the town could cover a potential cost estimate, Mayor Ted Walker told everyone that the annual budget had been accounted for with the included cost of two cameras; however, the staff report stated that the estimated cost to lease just one camera was budgeted for the year.

Coun. Sandy Talbot stated it was a good way to slow down speeders, and shared an anecdote about a relative receiving an automated speed enforcement ticket in Barrie, noting their effectiveness.

“Even when I was in Barrie, they advise people: ‘this is on camera’,” said Talbot. “It certainly does slow down the traffic. I think it’s a nice blend to have to ensure the safety of our residents and children.”

Questions to staff were asked regarding the necessity that the cameras be placed in municipally-dedicated community safety zones, such as park areas and schools.

Municipal law enforcement services manager Jocelyn Belcourt replied: “We would have to have designated community safety zones in a bylaw to designate those, so that would also have to be brought forward at a future meeting.”

The committee of the whole approved the staff recommendation to proceed into a partnership with Newmarket for the automated speed enforcement program. The matter is anticipated to be ratified at an upcoming regular council meeting.

Later that same evening at the Midland regular council meeting, that town council passed a resolution to enter into the automated speed enforcement program with a probable start date of spring next year.

The automated speed enforcement program report can be found in the agenda page on the Tay Township website.

Tay council meets for committee of the whole meetings every second Wednesday of the month, and regular council meetings every fourth Wednesday of the month. Archives and livestreams of council meetings are available through the Tay Township YouTube channel.

Derek Howard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, MidlandToday.ca